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I’m Jules and I can’t wait to share the boathouse with you…

“The Boathouse is an incredible property and part of our beloved family home. Renowned for its history of hosting parties by the 11th Duke of Hamilton it lay unused for many years. We are very excited to have brought it back to its former glory and can invite people to enjoy not just the romance, and the seclusion of this shoreline setting, but just as importantly to bring warmth and celebration back into this very special building on Arran.”

– Jules & Jamie Gibbs-


Why this place is so special…

The Estate dates back to 1865

when the 11th Duke of Hamilton chose to build his summerhouse here. It is thought that much of the architecture was influenced by his wife, Princess Marie of Baden. He then later added the Boathouse where he launched boats for fishing with his guests during the day and hosted ceildhs at night. So it’s a place that’s been hosting parties for a long time. It’s in the fabric of the building.

The Hamilton, Montrose, and Gibbs families have overseen the stewardship of The Dougarie Estate for over the last 150 years and we see ourselves as the custodians for future generations. When we decided to renovate and bring back to life the beautiful boathouse we knew it was going to have to be a labour of love.

Work began in 2020 and was ready to welcome our first guests into the Boathouse in 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you to create your most memorable day.


The beautiful boathouse was built out of local red sandstone, not for just launching boats but also for parties and entertaining guests of the 11th Duke of Hamilton.


Renovations start. It’s a labour of love and every detail is carefully considered to ensure the building retains its character and charm and provides high standards of comfort and style for guests whilst meeting the regulations and stipulations for historic listed buildings


The boathouse is ready with a complete makeover to welcome new guests and host the first of many wonderful weddings.

The Boathouse Beauty & charm speaks for itself as does the scenery, a truly magical place, that casts a spell on everyone that visits!!!

Aileen & Robert

We’ve Created this unique Wedding Venue Just for You

To create magical Memories to Last Your Lifetime

This is what we pride ourselves on. Being located on the west side of the beautiful Isle of Arran, The Dougarie Boathouse is secluded on the shoreline just five mins walk from a wonderful sandy beach. The stunning vista of the Kilbrannan Sound has a magnificent wow factor for you, your guests, and your photographer, whether inside or outside, it’s hard not to find yourself speechless at how beautiful it really is. Dating back to the 19th century, the Doguarie Estate with its walled gardens and stunning grounds has been featured in Tatler, Conde Nast Traveller’s as Editor’s UK pick in 2022 and remains a much-loved family home. We are so proud to offer you and your guests a wonderfully secluded and romantic setting to celebrate your ‘special day’ exclusively. From where to say ” I DO ” to where to shoot your photos and where to stay we have it all covered for you.

Saying “I DO..”

Perfect for the ultimate unique wedding beyond compare, the Dougarie Boathouse with its fairy-lit vaulted wooden beams, original stained glass windows to the front, and modern sliding doors to the back. so you can take in the beautiful views, making it a most magical spot to exchange your vows. The Boathouse has charm, elegance, and simply the best views regardless of the time of year. Being on the west side of the island you get to enjoy the most spectacular sunsets setting on the sea. You could also choose to say “I DO” outside on our very own stone circle overlooking the water, on the sandy beach a 5-minute stroll away, or a mile further up the glen at the stunning Loch Iorosa. And if a pretty church wedding is what you have been dreaming of there are many to choose from on the island.

Stunning Shoot Backdrops

As your guests admire the magnificent surroundings and enjoy a drink and some canapes to start off your celebrations, the bridal party can take time out for photographs. There are so many options to choose from around the boathouse itself either on the lawn, on the stepping stones, or in one of the secluded spots on the stunning shoreline. And for those feeling a little more adventurous and energetic and wanting that traditional Scottish landscape setting, you can venture up to the dramatic Loch Iorsa. Whichever setting you choose, the Dougarie Boathouse provides you with the most magical locations and backdrops for you to capture your moments perfectly and create lasting memories for years to come.


There are so many different options for you to choose from. You could choose to book and stay on the Dougarie Estate itself, which has five separate properties allowing you to sleep up to 35 people. Or even better book to stay at one of the many wonderful award-winning hotels on the Island, complete with a swimming pool or spa to relax and rejuvenate before and after the big day. One of these great hotels is just a short 10-minute drive away. This allows all your guests to stay longer if they wish, extending the wedding over a number of days or a wonderful weekend! Hiring a coach is easily arranged to transport everyone and ensures your guests can arrive and depart comfortably and enjoy a glass or two if they wish to.

Where will you say ” I do..”?

Exchange Your Vows In The Setting That’s Right For You.

As we are in Scotland, you can get married wherever you choose, inside outside, beachside or loch-side. The only limit is the limit of your imagination.

At the Dougaire Boathouse, we can promise a stunning background, panoramic views, and beautiful evening skies as the sun sets over the sea.

Whether it’s a small intimate gathering, a wedding of 80, or an extra large marquee wedding, we can help you whatever your guest numbers.

So do download our guide and get in touch with us to discuss your thoughts, dreams, and ideas so we can help you create your most magical memorable day.

Jules + The Dougaire Boathouse team x