Receiving lines are a traditional wedding event to meet and greet your guests after the ceremony. They are a wonderful way to make sure you get to see and talk to all of your guests and to thank them for coming to your wedding, especially if they have traveled all the way to the Isle of Arran for your big day.

However, there are some things that you should know about this tradition.

While planning your wedding schedule, you need to allow at least thirty to forty-five minutes for this. Receiving lines takes a long time to get through. Even if you don’t have that many guests, everyone wants to give you a hug and comment on your dress, your hair, and the ceremony. 

Sometimes you don’t know everyone who is invited to your wedding. Maybe your aunt brought her new partner and you’ve never met him. Here’s how this conversation would go:

You: “Hey Aunty Becky! It’s so great to see you. Thank you so much for coming!”

Becky: “You know I wouldn’t miss this! You look absolutely gorgeous! The ceremony was so beautiful. Oh, by the way, meet Steve.”

You: “Hi Steve! Nice to meet you! This is my New  husband, Jeff.”

Steve: “Nice to meet you both.”

Jeff: “You too! Thanks for coming! See you at the reception!”

*Hugs all around*

Here’s another scenario:

You: “Hey Sally! Thanks so much for coming! This is my new husband, Jeff.” “Jeff, this is Sally from the office.”

Sally: “Congratulations! The ceremony was so beautiful!”

Jeff: “Thanks! Nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you. It’s nice to put a face to the name.”

*Handshakes and hugs all around*

These are the short versions of conversations that could happen…now multiply this by 80. You have no idea how fast these little conversations add up and eat away time on your wedding day. And don’t forget, most receiving lines include your parents and bridal party, so people will be talking to them, as well. It’s a hug-fest and you don’t want to keep your guests waiting around forever to get over to the reception and the food.

So whilst we are all for them here at the Dougarie Boathouse, and really believe it’s a great way to see everyone at the start of the day. So will you or won’t you have a receiving line? If it’s a yes, do make sure to build the time into your day for one. If it’s a no, do make sure to get a good old boogie in with everyone on the day instead!

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